Eigen Labs Acquires Rio Network

Eigen Labs Acquires Rio Network

Eigen Labs, the innovative force behind the EigenLayer protocol, has announced a strategic acquisition of the Rio Network, a leading restaking platform. This deal, unveiled on June 12, includes the open-sourcing of Rio’s intellectual property code, signaling a significant shift in the crypto staking landscape. The acquisition, executed through two separate transactions, aims to integrate Rio’s advanced liquid restaking token (LRT) technology into the EigenLayer ecosystem, fostering transparency and innovation.

The Details of the Deal

The Eigen Foundation has secured the intellectual rights of the Rio Network, including its groundbreaking LRT technology, which will be open-sourced. This strategic move is expected to set a new standard for liquid restaking across blockchain networks, enhancing the utility of staked assets and promoting community-driven development.

Simultaneously, Eigen Labs has welcomed the talented Rio team, who bring over 75 years of combined crypto experience. This acquisition not only enriches EigenLayer’s capabilities but also strengthens its development team, emphasizing the company’s commitment to advancing blockchain technology.

Understanding Staking and Restaking

In blockchain networks, staking involves locking up crypto assets to support network operations and security, particularly in proof-of-stake (PoS) systems. Validators who stake their assets help validate transactions and maintain network consensus, earning rewards in return. Restaking expands this concept by allowing these staked assets to simultaneously secure additional protocols or layers without being unstaked from the original network.

EigenLayer vs. Rio Network

Both EigenLayer and Rio Network focus on optimizing the utility of staked assets, albeit through distinct approaches. EigenLayer enables users to reuse their already staked assets, such as Ether (ETH), to secure multiple blockchains. In contrast, Rio offers a liquid representation of staked assets through LRTs, which can be traded on secondary markets while the original stake continues to earn rewards.

An apt analogy would be considering EigenLayer as the railway tracks providing infrastructure for staked assets, while Rio is akin to a train ticket facilitating restaking. This symbiotic relationship between the two technologies promises to enhance the flexibility and utility of staked assets significantly.

EigenLayer’s (Eigen Labs Product) Rising Prominence

According to DefiLlama data, EigenLayer’s total value locked (TVL) is nearing $20 billion. Launched in 2023, EigenLayer has rapidly emerged as a pivotal player in the blockchain staking landscape. The protocol’s mainnet launch followed a successful Series A funding round, which raised $50 million led by Blockchain Capital, along with investments from Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital, Electric Capital, and Finality Capital Partner.

The Impact of LRT Technology

The acquisition and open-sourcing of Rio Network’s LRT technology is a strategic move to standardize and enhance liquid restaking across blockchain networks. By integrating this technology into EigenLayer, Eigen Labs aims to foster transparency and community-driven innovation, thereby expanding its capabilities and encouraging broader adoption and collaboration within the blockchain community.

Enhancing Token Staking Utility

EigenLayer’s protocol maximizes the utility of staked assets by enabling them to secure multiple blockchains simultaneously. This approach addresses the growing demand for efficient asset management and utilization in decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems. By offering flexibility and interoperability, EigenLayer complements traditional staking models and promotes a more dynamic and interconnected blockchain infrastructure.

The Future of EigenLayer and Rio Network

The acquisition marks a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized finance and blockchain technology. Eigen Labs’ strategic move to integrate and open-source Rio’s innovative technologies highlights its commitment to fostering a more transparent and collaborative crypto ecosystem. The collaboration between EigenLayer and Rio Network is set to drive innovation, enhance staking functionalities, and set new standards for the industry.


The acquisition of Rio Network by Eigen Labs is a bold and strategic move that promises to revolutionize the token staking landscape. By integrating and open-sourcing Rio’s advanced LRT technology, Eigen Labs aims to enhance the utility of staked assets, foster transparency, and drive community-driven innovation. This acquisition not only strengthens EigenLayer’s capabilities but also marks a significant step towards a more dynamic and interconnected blockchain infrastructure. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, the collaboration between EigenLayer and Rio Network is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized finance.

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