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Project Description & How To Get Airdrop

Tenet Protocol operates as an EVM Layer 1 blockchain, leveraging LSDs from various blockchains to enhance network security and foster cross-chain interoperability. At its core, Tenet Protocol aims to incentivize user engagement by rewarding participants for restaking liquid staking derivatives, thereby increasing early adopters' yield.

The Ecosystem of Tenet Protocol
Native Stablecoin: LSDC
Central to the Tenet Protocol ecosystem is its native stablecoin, LSDC. Designed to promote liquidity and stability within the network, LSDC plays a pivotal role in facilitating various transactions and interactions within the Tenet Protocol ecosystem.

Tokenomics Model
Tenet Protocol implements a unique tokenomics model that encourages liquidity provision and governance participation. By incentivizing users to actively engage with the protocol, Tenet Protocol ensures the sustained growth and resilience of its ecosystem.

Getting Started with Tenet Testnet

1. Setup Tenet Testnet RPC
Before delving into the restaking process, it's crucial to ensure seamless navigation within the Tenet Testnet environment. Users are encouraged to connect to the correct RPC/network by accessing the following details:

Network Name: Tenet Testnet
RPC URL: https://rpc.testnet.tenet.org
Chain ID: 155
Currency: TENET
Explorer URL: https://testnet.tenet.org
Additionally, acquiring the necessary testnet assets, including the $TENET token and Liquid Staking Tokens (LST), is facilitated through the Testnet Faucet at https://faucet.testnet.tenet.org/.

2. Explore Tenet Testnet Interface (https://test.tenet.org)
Upon accessing the Tenet Testnet interface (https://test.tenet.org), users are presented with a user-friendly platform for exploring and interacting with different components of the protocol.

From DEX to Wrap, Restake, and LSDC, the testnet interface offers a comprehensive testing environment for users to evaluate Tenet Protocol's capabilities.

Exploring Tenet Protocol Features Detail
a. Restake, tLSD Aggregator, and tLSD Wrapper
Within the Tenet Protocol Dapp, users can leverage the Restake feature to deposit LST tokens and generate validator-specific LSDs. These LSDs can then be staked to earn TENET rewards, providing users with an opportunity to maximize their yield within the protocol.

For users seeking a diversified approach to staking, the tLSD Aggregator allows for the creation of aggregated tLSD versions of assets, staked across a basket of top validators. Alternatively, the tLSD Wrapper enables auto-compounding of TENET rewards, providing users with a hassle-free option for yield generation.

b. LSDC and CLIPs
Upon acquiring tLSD tokens, users can explore the functionality of LSDC, Tenet Protocol's native stablecoin. Through the creation of Collateralized Lending Issuance Platforms (CLIPs), users can safely store assets and mint LSDC against the locked value, further enhancing liquidity within the ecosystem.

c. Stability Pool and Risky CLIPs
The Stability Pool allows users to earn additional yield by depositing LSDC and participating in the protocol's stability mechanisms. Conversely, Risky CLIPs highlight the importance of maintaining healthy collateral ratios to mitigate the risk of liquidation within the protocol.

d. Redemption and Wrapper
With a built-in redemption mechanism, LSDC enables users to redeem collateral in exchange for stablecoin, ensuring liquidity and stability within the ecosystem. Additionally, the Wrapper feature simplifies the process of wrapping and unwrapping $TENET tokens, enhancing usability and accessibility for users.

e. veTenet and DEX
Through veTenet, users can actively participate in the distribution of TENET rewards across the ecosystem, further incentivizing engagement and governance participation. Meanwhile, the DEX feature facilitates seamless asset swapping and liquidity provision, enhancing the overall user experience within the protocol.

3. Providing Feedback: Shaping the Future of Tenet Protocol (https://forms.gle/LK9DKHxtepu6eLpG8).

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