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Project Description & How To Get Airdrop

Side Protocol, a groundbreaking extension layer for Bitcoin, is designed to address these limitations and unlock new possibilities for the Bitcoin-centric rollup ecosystem. With a recent investment boost of $1.5 million from major funds like HashKey Capital, KR1, and Continue Capital, Side Protocol is poised to make significant strides in the blockchain world.

What is Side Protocol?

At its core, Side Protocol acts as a settlement layer, optimized for unlocking programmability and scalability within the Bitcoin network. By leveraging rollups, Side Protocol can enhance Bitcoin’s functionality, enabling more complex applications and greater transaction throughput without compromising the network's inherent security.

Key Features and Benefits

Enhanced Programmability

Side Protocol introduces smart contract capabilities to the Bitcoin network, allowing developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) directly on Bitcoin. This development is crucial for integrating more sophisticated financial instruments and services, thereby broadening Bitcoin’s use cases beyond a simple store of value.

Scalability Solutions

Scalability has long been a challenge for Bitcoin, especially during periods of high transaction volume. Side Protocol addresses this by utilizing rollups, which bundle multiple transactions into a single transaction on the Bitcoin mainchain. This approach significantly increases the network's capacity, reducing congestion and lowering transaction fees.

Security and Decentralization

While enhancing programmability and scalability, Side Protocol remains committed to maintaining Bitcoin’s robust security and decentralized nature. The protocol’s architecture ensures that any enhancements do not compromise these foundational principles, providing users and developers with a reliable and secure platform.

Investment and Future Prospects

With $1.5 million in funding from prestigious investors such as HashKey Capital, KR1, and Continue Capital, Side Protocol is well-equipped to drive innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem. This investment will be pivotal in further developing the protocol, expanding its features, and accelerating its adoption within the cryptocurrency community.

How to Participate in Side Protocol's Airdrop

Participating in Side Protocol’s airdrop is a straightforward process, designed to engage the community and distribute tokens efficiently. Below is a step-by-step guide to joining the airdrop:

1. Install Wallet

To get started, install a compatible wallet. The OKX Wallet and Bitcoin wallets like Unisat are recommended for this purpose.

2. Join Galxe Campaign

  • Visit the Campaign Page: Go to Side Protocol's Galxe Campaign.
  • Complete Quests: Follow the instructions to complete various quests.
  • Claim Points: Get the roles and claim points as directed.

3. Get Faucet Tokens

  • Web Faucet: Enter your address on the Faucet Page to receive 5 $SIDE testnet tokens. Your balance will be visible in your wallet.
  • Discord Faucet: If the web faucet is inaccessible, use the Discord faucet channel (requires Insider status) to receive tokens.

4. Swap Tokens

On the Swap page, you can exchange $SIDE for $BTCT or other assets. This functionality is essential for users looking to diversify their holdings or participate in various liquidity pools.

5. Add Liquidity

  • Locate Pool: Find the relevant liquidity pool (e.g., $BTCT/SIDE).
  • Add Liquidity: Use your $BTCT and $SIDE tokens to add liquidity to the pool. You will receive LP tokens (e.g., BTCT-SIDE-CP-LP) in return.

6. Stake Liquidity

Before claiming rewards, you must stake your liquidity. Here’s how:

  • Stake LP Tokens: On the pool page, select ‘Manage’ and then ‘Stake’.
  • Eligible for Incentives: Staking makes you eligible for incentives provided to the pool.

7. Claim Rewards

Incentives are emitted every second. You can claim rewards after staking your liquidity, which provides continuous benefits for participants.

8. Withdraw Liquidity

  • Locate Pool: Find your liquidity pool (e.g., $BTCT/SIDE).
  • Withdraw: Withdraw some liquidity, and exchange SIDE-BTCT-CP-LP tokens for $BTCT and $SIDE in your wallet.

9. Submit Limit Order

  • Switch to Limit Mode: On the Swap page, switch to ‘Limit’ mode.
  • Submit Order: Place a limit order, ensuring you have sufficient funds to cover associated fees.

10. Delegate Tokens

Delegate your SIDE tokens to one of the active validators to participate in the network’s governance and earn additional rewards.

11. Undelegate Tokens

If needed, undelegate your tokens from the validator to regain full control over them.

12. Vote on Governance Proposals

Engage in the governance of Side Protocol by voting on various proposals. This participatory mechanism ensures that the community has a voice in the protocol’s future development.


Side Protocol represents a significant advancement in the Bitcoin ecosystem, addressing critical issues of programmability and scalability while maintaining the core principles of security and decentralization. With robust investment backing and a clear roadmap for community engagement through initiatives like the airdrop, Side Protocol is well-positioned to drive the next wave of innovation in the blockchain space. By participating in the airdrop and utilizing the protocol’s features, users can directly contribute to and benefit from this groundbreaking development.

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