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Project Description & How To Get Airdrop

GameOn, a trailblazing fantasy sports company, has been making waves in the industry by bridging traditional sports with web3 technologies. Recently, the company received a significant boost with a grant from Arbitrum, a leading Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution for Ethereum, boasting a market cap exceeding $2 billion. This grant underscores confidence in GameOn's vision, highlighting its potential to reshape the future of fantasy sports through the innovative integration of blockchain technology.

$GAME Token and Its Innovative Features
Central to GameOn's ecosystem is the $GAME token, a digital asset developed in collaboration with Sportsology. Set to launch on Arbitrum in Q2, the $GAME token is designed to elevate the player experience across a variety of sports-oriented games, including fantasy games, predictor games, card battle games, and sports betting games. Its integration within the GameOn platform facilitates interoperability, rewards distribution, asset ownership, and overall engagement for sports enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Strategic Partnerships with Global Sports Leagues
GameOn has strategically partnered with renowned sports leagues such as LALIGA, PFL, and Karate Combat ($KARATE), expanding its portfolio and offering users unique experiences. Through these partnerships, GameOn users can immerse themselves in fantasy sports games, compete on a global scale, and earn rewards based on real-world performance. Notably, player Avatars represented as NFTs and the utilization of the $GAME token further enhance the gaming experience, fostering a sense of ownership and participation.

The $GAME Points (GPTS) Campaign: Engaging the Community
The $GAME Points (GPTS) campaign presents an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts to engage with the GameOn ecosystem. This multi-stage event, hosted on GameOn's decentralized application (DApp), encourages participants to complete various tasks to earn GPTS, loyalty points redeemable for $GAME tokens. Regular updates and special events on Discord enhance engagement and excitement surrounding the campaign, fostering a vibrant and active community within the GameOn ecosystem.

How To Get Airdrop: Engage and Earn Rewards
To participate in the Airdrop and unlock additional $GAME tokens, follow these steps:

Visit GameOn's Airdrop page (
Complete Social Media Tasks to earn GPTS
Redeem earned GPTS for $GAME tokens
Wait for 7 days to enter the Final Stage and receive extra $GAMEs


April 29, 2024

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