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AgriDex Raises $5 Million to Revolutionize Agriculture on the Blockchain

In a recent development, AgriDex, a pioneering Solana-based platform, has successfully secured $5 million in a pre-seed funding round. This significant investment marks a pivotal moment for the platform, signaling its intent to revolutionize the agricultural sector through blockchain technology.

Endeavour Ventures Leads the Way

Led by tech-focused venture capital firm Endeavour Ventures, the funding round garnered support from prominent investors, including African Crops Limited, Oldenburg Vineyards, and Hank Oberoi, a seasoned executive with a background in prestigious firms like Goldman Sachs and Citadel.

According to AgriDex, the funding round commenced in September of last year and concluded in February, showcasing the sustained interest and confidence from investors. Co-founder and CEO Herry Duckworth expressed enthusiasm about the successful closure of the round, emphasizing its significance in advancing AgriDex’s mission.

Tokenizing Agricultural Commodities

At its core, AgriDex is a platform that leverages the power of blockchain to tokenize agricultural commodities, facilitating seamless trading and transactions. Each transaction on the platform is represented by a non-fungible token (NFT), ensuring transparency and immutability of crucial details such as product information, pricing, and payment records.

The platform’s objective extends beyond mere transactions; it aspires to drive cost savings and enhance profitability for stakeholders across the agricultural value chain. CEO Herry Duckworth highlighted the potential impact of AgriDex, citing Solana’s robust infrastructure characterized by fast settlement, high throughput, and minimal fees as key enablers of its success.

Diverse Range of Commodities

AgriDex intends to kickstart its operations by tokenizing and listing essential agricultural commodities such as sugar, grains, and cocoa. However, the platform’s ambitions transcend these initial offerings, with plans to incorporate additional commodities in collaboration with strategic partners and investors.

Platform Launch and Token Introduction

Excitingly, AgriDex is on track to launch its platform alongside its native token, AGRI, in the third quarter of this year. Herry Duckworth elaborated on the utility of AgriDex tokens, emphasizing their role in incentivizing and rewarding users based on trade volumes, platform engagement, and community participation.

To further engage its community, AgriDex plans to conduct a token airdrop in the coming months, allocating a portion of its token supply for this purpose. Additionally, the platform intends to initiate a public token sale at a fixed price of $0.10 per token, opening up investment opportunities for enthusiasts and stakeholders alike.

Commitment to Sustainability

AgriDex pledges to allocate 50% of its profits towards token buybacks and subsequent burning in a commendable move towards sustainability. This strategic initiative aims to enhance token value and promote a sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

Expansion Plans and Team Growth

Currently headquartered in London, AgriDex boasts a diverse team of nearly 20 professionals dedicated to driving the platform’s growth and innovation. CEO Herry Duckworth affirmed the company’s commitment to expanding its team as needed to support its ambitious roadmap and objectives.

Transforming Agriculture with Blockchain

The successful funding round underscores the growing momentum behind blockchain-powered solutions in the agricultural sector. With its innovative approach and strategic partnerships, AgriDex is poised to redefine the landscape of agricultural trading, paving the way for greater efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.


In conclusion, AgriDex‘s recent funding milestone signifies a significant step forward in its mission to revolutionize agriculture through blockchain technology. With robust investor support, a clear roadmap, and a talented team driving its vision, AgriDex is well-positioned to unlock new opportunities and drive positive change in the agricultural industry.

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