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Circle Assures Customers It Will Cover Any Shortfall Caused by Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

USDC issuer, Circle, has issued a statement updating investors on its cash reserves, which are…

ByBeckMar 11, 20233 min read

Aave Freezes Stablecoin Trading and Sets LTV to Zero Amidst Price Volatility

In response to the recent price volatility on stablecoins, Aave has announced the freezing of…

ByJack BeckerMar 11, 20233 min read

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse: Relief Efforts Underway for Depositors as Multiple Sources Confirm Deposit Guarantees and Long-Term Recovery

Relief efforts are underway less than 72 hours after the collapse of prominent American tech…

ByJack BeckerMar 11, 20234 min read

Curve Finance Sets Record Trading Volume of Over $7 Billion in 24 Hours Amidst Depegging of USDC from the U.S. Dollar

Stablecoin swapping pool Curve Finance has hit its highest daily trading volume in history, with…

ByBeckMar 11, 20233 min read

Aave Launches Asset Recovery Process to Rescue Lost Tokens

Decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol Aave has begun the first phase of its asset recovery…

ByBeckMar 10, 20233 min read

Meta Developing Decentralized Text-Based App for Sharing Timely Updates

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is reportedly working on a decentralized text-based app codenamed…

ByJack BeckerMar 10, 20233 min read

Crypto Market Bleeds $300 Million Amidst Silvergate Shutdown and KuCoin Lawsuit

The recent events surrounding the crypto market have caused turmoil, with liquidations surpassing $300 million.…

ByBeckMar 10, 20233 min read

Hedera Hashgraph Smart Contract Exploit Results in Liquidity Pool Token Theft and Mainnet Shutdown

Hedera, the team behind the distributed ledger Hedera Hashgraph, has confirmed a smart contract exploit…

ByBeckMar 10, 20234 min read

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Sees Higher Trading as Discount Narrows

Grayscale’s premier fund, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, experienced a surge in trading as its discount…

ByBeckMar 8, 20233 min read

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