Ripple Broadens Regulatory Reach with Fortress Trust Acquisition

Ripple is making significant strides in bolstering its regulatory foothold in the United States through the recent acquisition of Fortress Trust. This strategic move, announced on September 8, is part of Ripple’s ongoing mission to expand its nationwide licensing portfolio. Fortress Trust, a Nevada-based chartered trust company specializing in crypto and Web3 technologies, provides crucial regulatory and technology infrastructure services to blockchain organizations, holding a coveted Nevada Trust license for asset custody. This acquisition is a valuable addition to Ripple’s existing arsenal of over 30 licenses, enabling it to operate as a money transmitter in various U.S. states, including the pivotal BitLicense required for digital currency enterprises in New York.

Fortress Trust Strengthens Ripple’s Regulatory Footprint

The expertise of Fortress Trust in regulatory compliance, coupled with its Nevada Trust license for asset custody, aligns seamlessly with Ripple’s strategic objectives. This acquisition significantly enhances Ripple’s capacity to provide comprehensive services and solutions within the tightly regulated cryptocurrency landscape. Monica Long, President at Ripple, underscored licenses’ pivotal role, emphasizing how they empower the development and delivery of exceptional customer experiences for enterprises. According to Ripple’s official announcement, the technology and regulatory assets brought by Fortress Trust harmonize with Ripple’s existing business and product roadmap.

Ripple’s association with Fortress Trust dates back to 2022, when the blockchain firm initially invested in the company during a seed round. While financial specifics of the recent acquisition remain undisclosed, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, expressed unwavering confidence in Fortress Trust’s achievements. Garlinghouse highlighted Fortress Trust’s impressive growth trajectory since its inception in 2021, boasting a robust customer base encompassing crypto enthusiasts and newcomers to the crypto ecosystem.

Strategic Expansion and Investment Plans

The acquisition of Fortress Trust forms an integral part of Ripple’s broader strategy to expand and fortify its position within the cryptocurrency industry. Remarkably, Ripple has maintained its proactive pursuit of deals and investments, even during bearish market conditions. In May, the company made headlines by acquiring Metaco, a Swiss digital asset custodian and tokenization provider, in a deal valued at $250 million. These strategic moves align seamlessly with Ripple’s vision of fostering growth and innovation within the dynamic and ever-evolving crypto space.

Ripple’s investment plans transcend the acquisition of Fortress Trust alone. The company intends to inject capital into Fortress Trust’s parent organization, Fortress Blockchain Technologies, and its affiliated entity, FortressPay Services, thereby cementing its presence in the blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape.


The acquisition of Fortress Trust underscores Ripple’s unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance and its dedication to expanding its licensing portfolio in the United States. This strategic maneuver positions Ripple to offer a broader spectrum of services and solutions to its clientele while solidifying its standing in the ever-evolving realm of blockchain and digital assets. As Ripple continues to make calculated investments and expand its regulatory footprint, it remains a pivotal player in the global cryptocurrency sphere, actively driving innovation and growth.

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