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Push Protocol Launches on BNB Chain, Push Token Jumps 41% in 24 Hours

Push Protocol, the blockchain messaging and communication protocol, launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) on February 15th, marking the highest price for its PUSH token since June 2022, which increased 41% in the previous 24 hours.

Following previous debuts on Ethereum and Polygon, the objective is to broaden its reach and appeal to other ecosystems.

News Sentiment: Positive

Push Protocol Aims to Onboard One Billion Users to Web3

According to Harsh Rajat, project lead and founder of Push Protocol, launching the BNB Chain is crucial to enrolling one billion people on Web3.

BNB Chain has lately witnessed several cooperation and collaboration announcements, including the deployment of Uniswap, the launch of the Greenfield decentralized storage system, and OpenSea’s support for BNB Chain NFTs.

Push Protocol’s Launch on BNB Chain to Bring a New Level of Accessibility

According to Alvin Kan, Director of Growth at BNB Chain, Push Protocol will provide a new level of accessibility to its simple communication interface driven by decentralized alerts and messaging.

Push Protocol attempts to migrate popular communication experiences, such as alerts and messaging, to Web3 protocols. This communication platform allows smart contracts, dApps, and traditional services to deliver signals to wallet addresses interested in receiving notifications.

Significance of Launching the Push Protocol on BNB Chain

Rajat believes releasing the BNB Chain would attract more users to Push because retail investors frequently utilize the BNB Chain. Push’s notification services were previously exclusively available on Ethereum and Polygon, restricting the number of users who could use them. Push Protocol will be available to BNB Chain’s one million daily active users as it expands to the BNB Chain, increasing the number of people using some of its features, such as Push Chat, which enables messaging and communication between wallets.

Push Protocol Goes Multichain with Launch on BNB Chain

The debut on the BNB Chain benefits both Push and the BNB Chain. Push gives BNB Chain a community in need of its services. At the same time, BNB Chain provides Push with a solution that will improve its communications experience.

Push Protocol has also verified a BNB Chain extension, ushering in a new age of multichain use in its Web3 messaging environment. The expansion of the BNB Chain, which is already active on Ethereum and Polygon, brings the BNB Chain community closer to other communities on other chains and gives a net benefit to the space by bridging communication between previously isolated parties.

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