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Immutable Announces New Additions to C-Level Leadership Team

Web3 gaming company Immutable has added to its C-level leadership team, announcing the appointment of David Bicknell as CFO, Devon Ferreira as CMO, and the promotion of Jason Suen to CCO. Ferreira, who joins from Avalanche blockchain creator Ava Labs, will lead marketing and brand development efforts.

David Bicknell Appointed as CFO to Strengthen Immutable’s Ecosystem

Bicknell, previously of Meta and Twitter, joined Immutable in August 2022. All three executives will work to strengthen Immutable’s ecosystem, which focuses on bringing digital ownership to the world of web3 gaming. The move comes after Immutable reportedly laid off 11% of its staff in February 2023, ahead of an expected token sale to support investments in the IMX ecosystem. Immutable was valued at $2.5bn in March 2022 when it raised $200m in Series C funding.

In addition to the new hires, Immutable has promoted Jason Suen, its Senior Vice President, to the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) position. Suen joined the company from Shopify and has been instrumental in developing the ImmutableX platform. In his new role, Suen will drive commercial growth and expand Immutable’s partnerships and customer base.

Immutable Continues to Expand Its Presence in the Web3 Gaming Industry

Immutable’s CEO, James Ferguson, expressed excitement about the new additions to the company’s leadership team. He said, “We are thrilled to welcome Devon and David to Immutable and to see Jason promoted to CCO. Their wealth of experience and expertise will be invaluable as we continue to grow and expand our presence in the web3 gaming industry.”

Ferguson added, “Our focus this year is on winning web3 gaming and bringing digital ownership to the world. With Devon, David, and Jason leading the way, we are confident that we will achieve our goals and cement Immutable’s position as a leader in the industry.”

Immutable, founded in 2018, has quickly become a critical player in the web3 gaming space. The company’s Ethereum Layer 2 network, ImmutableX, has attracted many game developers, including Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Embersword, and Planet Quest.

Immutable’s Commitment to Digital Ownership Positions It as an Exciting Player in the Industry

Immutable has also been making waves in the investment world, having raised $200 million in Series C funding in March last year, valuing the company at $2.5 billion. The company has also been tapping private investors to buy its ImmutableX (IMX) tokens, with the proceeds going to the Digital Worlds Foundation (DWF), a non-profit set up to distribute tokens for Immutable’s projects.

With the addition of Ferreira and Bicknell and the promotion of Suen, Immutable is well-positioned to continue its rapid growth and expansion in the web3 gaming industry. The company’s focus on digital ownership and its commitment to building a solid ecosystem for game developers and players alike make it an exciting player to watch in the years to come.

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