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dYdX Has Postponed Token Unlocking For Investors Until December 1, 2023

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dYdX has postponed token unlocking for investors until December 1 from February 3. Dydx was planning to distribute 150 million tokens ($282 million) to investors, community members, and the project’s treasury next month, effectively doubling the existing supply — with additional tokens to be released in the coming months.

83 million tokens dYdX will be released on December 1st

According to the new timeline, the 83 million tokens — 30% of the total 277 million tokens meant for investors — will be released on December 1st. Following that, 40% of the total tokens will be unlocked monthly for the next six months, 20% for the next year, and 10% for the year after that.

DYdX is presently built on StarkEx, a zero-knowledge proof-powered layer built on top of Ethereum, but it is in the process of replacing it with its own application-specific blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem.


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