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Composable Finance CTO Resigns Due to Lack of Transparency and Suspicions

Karel Kubat, the Chief Technology Officer of Composable Finance, has resigned due to a lack of transparency and suspicious transactions.

News Sentiment: Negative

In a tweet, Kubat stated that the company’s financial statements still needed to be provided to him or the community, and there is no current overview of Composable Finance’s financial health.

He further stated that he was leaving the company due to unethical management. He expressed concerns over possible trading with company funds and suspicious transactions.

Composable Finance Confirms Kubat’s Departure

Composable Finance confirmed Kubat’s departure in a Twitter post, expressing regret over losing their former CTO. They also stated that they are committed to addressing any questions and concerns arising from this departure.

Crypto Market Turmoil

Kubat’s resignation and allegations follow months of turmoil in the crypto world. Several companies have collapsed amid allegations of financial wrongdoing and self-dealing. The crypto market has been reeling from these events, and Kubat’s departure has only added to the uncertainty.


The resignation of Composable Finance CTO Karel Kubat has highlighted the need for greater transparency and accountability in the crypto market.

Kubat’s allegations of suspicious transactions and unethical management underscore the importance of companies being open and honest with their investors and the broader community. Companies must prioritize transparency and ethical behaviour as the crypto market evolves to build trust and confidence in their operations.

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