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Bitcoin Cash Implements CashTokens Upgrade, Enabling Token Creation on the Network

In a significant blockchain upgrade, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network successfully implemented the CashTokens protocol at block height 792,772 on May 15, 2023. This enhancement introduces the ability for developers to create tokens known as CashTokens, which share similar properties to BCH and can be issued by anyone on the network. With this upgrade, Bitcoin Cash aims to expand its use cases, enhance user experience, and promote innovation on the network.

Facilitating Tokenization of Bitcoin Cash with CashTokens

Like Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens, CashTokens on the Bitcoin Cash network allows users to create and manage their own tokens representing a wide range of assets, including fiat currencies, stocks, bonds, and more. This upgrade opens up new possibilities for decentralized applications (DApps) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), enabling developers and users to harness the power of tokenization on the BCH network.

Streamlining User Experience and Enhancing Financial Accessibility

Bitcoin Cash developer Jason Dreyzehner, also known as Bitjson, took to Twitter to announce the successful implementation of CashTokens and shed light on its significance. Dreyzehner highlighted that CashTokens could be issued by anyone and have the potential to represent physical assets and function as payment stablecoins, commodities, and securities. By leveraging the customizable nature of these tokens, the upgrade aims to provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience while expanding financial accessibility for individuals and businesses.

Diverse Applications and On-Chain Possibilities

With CashTokens, the Bitcoin Cash network can support many applications. Dreyzehner emphasized that these tokens can be payment stablecoins, allowing for efficient and secure transactions. Additionally, they can be utilized in commodities trading, gift cards, event tickets, and more. Furthermore, the underlying technology of CashTokens enables the development of sophisticated on-chain applications like decentralized exchanges (DEXs), security vaults, and bridged sidechains. This versatility positions Bitcoin Cash as a platform that caters to various financial needs and fosters innovation within the ecosystem.

Market Reaction and Challenges Ahead

Following the upgrade, the price of BCH experienced a temporary surge from $113 to a peak of $121 on May 15. However, after the initial excitement subsided, the price quickly reverted to the $110 – $115 range. This price movement indicates a market response to the upgrade, although its long-term impact remains to be seen.

bitcoin cash active addresses
bitcoin cash active addresses | BitInfoCharts

Despite the potential benefits of CashTokens and positive reception, the Bitcoin Cash network faces some challenges. On May 10, CryptoQuant analyst Axel Adler reported increased fees and transaction backlogs caused by introducing the new token standard. These obstacles highlight the need for ongoing development and optimization to ensure smooth operations and scalability.


Implementing the CashTokens upgrade on the Bitcoin Cash network marks a significant milestone in expanding the tokenization capabilities of the blockchain. With the ability to create and manage customizable tokens, Bitcoin Cash aims to foster innovation, facilitate diverse use cases, and enhance financial accessibility. While challenges such as increased fees and transaction backlogs must be addressed, the network’s commitment to evolving technology positions it as a contender in the competitive blockchain landscape. The successful implementation of CashTokens paves the way for a more robust and versatile Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

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