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Andre Cronje Stated Fantom’s Plans To Migrate fUSD

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Andre Cronje, Director of the Fantom Foundation, stated Fantom’s plans to migrate its fUSD stablecoin to a more predictable and budget-friendly mechanism with the release of fUSD version 2. They did not provide a release date.

V2 will enable Fantom’s builders, users, and developers to assign fees in either Fantom or fUSD and anticipate future expenses depending on use. It will enable programmers to create more institutional products for customers while providing a more uniform framework for grant planning and budgeting.

While the debut date has not been specified, the increased consistency and cost would benefit the platform.

Version 1 of the fUSD will be liquidated to adopt the new fUSD

Version 1 of the fUSD will be liquidated to adopt the new fUSD. Any trades in which the fUSD debt equals or exceeds the FTM or sFTM backing will be liquidated.

If the backing is in sFTM, the stake will be immediately removed, and all rewards will be claimed. A validator must fulfill the minimum stake to be able to create blocks or get rewards. Liquidation occurs when a trader does not have enough cash to keep a leveraged deal open.

Fantom has designed a swap facility that allows customers to trade DAI for fUSD and pay their outstanding debt to assist them in closing out their holdings.

Fantom has promised users that they would have enough time to liquidate their assets. Furthermore, before any liquidation, early notice will be provided.

What is fUSD V2?

fUSD V2 is built on the Fantom Opera blockchain, a fast and scalable platform for decentralized applications. This blockchain can handle thousands of transactions per second, making it one of the quickest in the world. This speed is accomplished through its consensus algorithm, Lachesis, which enables rapid and efficient consensus without losing security.

The fUSD V2 stablecoin is entirely decentralized, which means a central authority does not back it. Instead, it is supported by a collection of assets utilized to keep its value stable. This asset basket contains US dollars, euros, and gold.

fUSD V2 offers consumers a high level of security and reliability. The Fantom Foundation has implemented rigorous security precautions, including multi-signature wallets and smart contract audits, to assure the safety of fUSD V2.

The release of fUSD V2 is a significant milestone for the Fantom Foundation and a huge step forward for the cryptocurrency industry. Its speed, security, and stability make it an appealing option for anybody seeking a reliable and safe alternative to traditional fiat currencies.

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